Bomb Threat, Fire and Explosion

The sub-committee is confident that the policies and procedures addressed in the emergency plans on campus are good backgrounds from which to constantly be reviewing, updating and remaining current with trends and protocols for such matters. Since Missouri State University is growing in both student and staff populations as well as footprints in the downtown area of the City, it is important that preparedness be a part of the continued growth.

The committee offers the following recommendations for review:

  1. Hand-held radios should be provided to each Building Coordinator, as resources allow, to facilitate instant communication to a central dispatch. (Costs included in Phase I report.)
  2. Additional development of training for Faculty and Staff on the most common emergencies on campus, (fire, severe weather, bomb threats, medical emergency, individuals with guns.) This should also be established online where feasible. (Costs included in Phase I report.)
  3. Additional emphasis should be placed on a campus wide initiative to sprinkle all University facilities, as resources are available.
  4. Provide an evacuation notification route in each buiding, per type of emergency, similar to the system in place at James Madison University. (The estimated cost is $7,200.)
  5. Assessment should be conducted to determine the quantity and type of staffing required to plan, implement, train, and sustain on-going Emergency Preparedness for the entire University community. (Costs included in Phase I report.)