On May 4, 2007, Missouri State University President Michael T. Nietzel appointed the "President’s Emergency Response Task Force" (Task Force). The Task Force was named as a direct result of the tragedy at Virginia Tech University, which occurred on April 16, 2007. President Nietzel charged the Task Force with "reviewing existing campus emergency response policies and procedures, identifying areas of potential improvement, and developing a recommended implementation plan, including a timeline and budget." Specifically, the Task Force was asked to address how to prevent, mitigate, and respond to incidents of campus violence and threats, both internal and external. This phase of the Task Force’s work was completed on August 1, 2007.

As a second phase, President Nietzel asked the Task Force to conduct a "broader review of campus emergency policies and procedures to include: tornadoes and severe weather; fire; bomb threats; and earthquakes." This emphasis is to expand and build upon the work done during the initial phase. The report and recommendations which follow fulfill the Task Force’s second charge.

Members of the Task Force are:

  • Mr. Odie Blakely, Student
  • Dr. Tommy Burnett, Faculty
  • Mr. Andrew Garton, Student
  • Major Ron Hartman, Springfield Police Department
  • Mr. Mike Jungers, Student Affairs
  • Mr. Tim Kilpatrick, Telecommunications
  • Dr. Bernie McCarthy, Center for Community and Social Issues and Homeland Security
  • Mr. Ken McClure, Administrative Services, Chair
  • Mr. Manny Salas-Abarca, Student
  • Mr. Gary Snavely, Safety and Transportation
  • Mr. Gary Stewart, Residential Life
  • Dr. Lorene Stone, Dean, College of Humanities and Public Affairs
  • Ms. Paula Wilhelm, Human Resources

Mrs. Teresa Steele, Executive Assistant to the Associate Vice President for Administrative Services, provided staff support to the Task Force.

Mr. Dale Moore, University Facilities Analyst, provided assistance to the Task Force and also served on a sub-committee.

The Task Force opted to form into sub-committees in order to do much of its work. This allowed for a more detailed review and analysis of all issues. Individuals with expertise and/or professional insight into areas reviewed were also invited to be a part of these sub-committees.

The sub-committees and their participants are:

Emergency Operations Center Specifications/Civil Disorders/Demonstrations/Disability Access

  • Mr. Gary Snavely, Co-Chair
  • Mr. Tim Kilpatrick, Co-Chair
  • Dr. Chris Craig, Associate Provost, Faculty Relations
  • Mr. Bob Eckels, Director, Facilities Management
  • Mr. Odie Blakely
  • Mr. Mike Kindle, Telecommunications Specialist

Bomb Threat/Fire/Explosion

  • Dr. Lorene Stone, Co-Chair
  • Mr. Gary Stewart, Co-Chair
  • Mr. David Hall, Springfield Fire Department
  • Mr. Ben Basham, Springfield Fire Department
  • Sgt. Carl Schwartze, Springfield Police Department
  • Ms. Susie Wecker, Assistant Director, Safety and Transportation
  • Mr. Manny Salas-Abarca

Hazardous Waste/Hazardous Waste Contingency Plan/Pandemic Influenza

  • Dr. Tommy Burnett, Co-Chair
  • Mr. Mike Jungers, Co-Chair
  • Dr. Katie Hope, Department Head, Nursing
  • Ms. Molly Holtman, Greene County Health Department
  • Ms. Carmen Parker, Graduate Student, Public Health
  • Ms. Tracey Poston, Associate Director, Sponsored Research
  • Mr. Mike Simpson, Graduate Assistant, Judicial Programs
  • Mr. J.D. Slaughter, Greene County Health Department
  • Mr. David Vaughan, Director, Environmental Management

Earthquake and Building Collapse/Severe Weather/Tornadoes

  • Ms. Paula Wilhelm, Co-Chair
  • Dr. Bernie McCarthy, Co-Chair
  • Mr. Dale Moore
  • Mr. Andrew Garton

The Task Force expresses its sincere appreciation to all who participated in sub-committee deliberations.