Emergency Response Task Force Charge

May 4, 2007

Mr. Ken McClure, Administrative Services, Chair
Major Steve Ijames, Springfield Police Department, or other SPD representative
Mr. Mike Jungers, Student Affairs
Dr. Tommy Burnett, Faculty
Mr. Tim Kilpatrick, Telecommunications
Dr. Bernie McCarthy, Center for Community and Social Issues
Mr. Gary Snavely, Safety and Transportation
Mr. Gary Stewart, Residential Life
Dr. Lorene Stone, Dean, College of Humanities and Public Affairs
Ms. Paula Wilhelm, Human Resources
A representative of the Student Government Association
Michael T. Nietzel
President’s Emergency Response Task Force

Thank you for agreeing to serve on the President’s Emergency Response Task Force. This Task Force, chaired by Ken McClure, is charged with reviewing existing campus emergency response policies and procedures, identifying areas of potential improvement, and developing a recommended implementation plan, including a timeline and budget. I suggest that the Task Force perform its work in two phases.

The first phase will address how to prevent, mitigate, and respond to incidents of campus violence and threats, both internal and external. The Task Force should examine such items as: campus communication procedures; emergency response plans; relationships to law enforcement and other first responders; emergency signage; faculty, staff and student awareness; proactive intervention strategies; training for campus safety officers; building and door access procedures; best practices in place at other colleges and universities; and any additional items which the Task Force deems relevant. I would ask the Task Force to make its report and recommendations to the President by August 1, 2007.

For the second phase, the Task Force is charged with conducting a broader review of campus emergency policies and procedures to include: tornadoes and severe weather; fire; bomb threats; and earthquakes. The second phase should build upon the work conducted during the first phase. The Task Force should make its recommendations to the President on the second phase by December 1, 2007.

I do anticipate that working subcommittees, which would report to the Task Force, might need to be established, and I will leave it to your decision as to the responsibilities and membership of these subcommittees.