Economics Undergraduate Program

economics undergraduate

Why major in economics at Missouri State?

  • Economics majors are qualified for a wide variety of jobs. Our alumni have obtained jobs in banking, insurance, the corporate sector and the federal government.
  • Economics majors are among the highest performers on graduate school admission exams like the GRE, the GMAT and the LSAT.
  • You will leave our undergraduate program prepared for graduate programs in economics, business and more.
  • Our department offers many ways for you to get involved with the University, both to further your education and build friendships with faculty and fellow students.
  • Students can tailor their program of courses to suit their interests.
  • All classes in the economics department are taught by full-time faculty members and we are dedicated to helping you make the most of your education.

Opportunities for Economics Graduates

Economics majors who wish to pursue careers in business, public administration or government, or wish to attend graduate school or law school will find that a degree in Economics has much to offer.  For example:

Business Careers

Businesses of all sizes use economists for forecasting, strategic planning and data analysis. Many business economists have careers in manufacturing, banking, financial services and investments.

Public Administration/Government Careers

From the Federal Trade Commission to the Food and Drug Administration, economists are employed by virtually every federal agency. Economists also find employment with state and local governments.

Graduate School Opportunities

Economics majors interested in teaching or conducting research will usually be required to pursue a master’s degree to teach in community colleges and a doctorate to teach in four-year schools. Research opportunities exist in consulting firms, federal government agencies and international organizations. Successful research is generally a pre-requisite for being granted tenure at a university.

Law School Opportunities

Many lawyers spend time performing economic analyses in their cases, determining the losses and damages involved in certain cases. Consequently, economics is a popular choice for pre-law students. In addition, average LSAT scores for economics graduates are consistently among the highest for all disciplines.