2008 SUCCESSability Award

Dr. Michael Carlie is the 2008 SUCCESSability Award Recipient

2008 Star Awards

"There are no students with disabilities. All students face challenges, and so do their faculty. The challenges are of many kinds, some more visible than others. I know that whenever I face a challenge, I appreciate when someone extends to me a helping hand, offers a kind word, or simply shares a smile - an understanding glance. These shared kindnesses can make the difference between a day filled with struggle and sadness or a day filled with optimism and hope."

"Like many people who have faced challenges in their lives, I want to reach out to others who are trying to make the most of their lives by pushing ahead, hoping for a brighter future, and working hard to overcome those challenges. I consider it an honor and an obligation to contribute to students who work that hard. And this is not entirely selfless effort. I gain something, too. I get a chance to return all the kindness that have been extended to me."

~Dr. Michael Carlie

"Dr. Carlie was always nice, helpful, and was the best professor I have ever had. He always asked me how I wanted to be accommodated, he always called on me in class and he always treated me like a typical student. I will never forget how was having a bad day when I walked into his class, and the first thing he asked was how he could accommodate me. If I ever needed help with anything he would assist me; even with class assignments such as finding an article for me once. I cannot put it into words how comfortable he made me feel in his classes. He was so approachable..and hilarious."

~Sociology, Anthropology & Criminology Student

2008 Nominees

Joyce Lopez - Management

Dr. Michael Carlie - Sociology, Anthropology & Criminology