2007 SUCCESSability Award

Dr. Wayne Mitchell is the 2007 SUCCESSability Award Recipient

SUCCESSability Award 2007

“I try to create a classroom atmosphere where the course information and the ‘information beyond that which is given in class’ is readily available. It is simply there waiting and ready to be used…My help (teaching accommodation) is something that the students should never have to ask for; it too is there ready, waiting, and wanting to be used. I hope the students know that.”

~Dr. Wayne Mitchell

"Dr. Mitchell was my instructor for Psychological Statistical Methods. This class deals with teaching students how to do statistics, a challenge in and of itself. I provided Dr. Mitchell with an additional challenge. He would need to find a way to teach statistics to me, a blind student.

In some of my classes that rely predominantly on visual examples I am left to stare into space and teach myself the class material once I get home. Dr. Mitchell's efforts made it possible for me to be an active member of the class. I can't express how important that immediate feedback is in the learning process.

I am now in a higher level statistics class and I am really grateful for everything that Dr. Mitchell did to make it possible for me to learn statistics as well as I have. I came into his class with ability but if Dr. Mitchell had not provided the proper teaching tools I would not have been nearly as successful."

~ Psychology Student

2007 Nominees

Dr. Rita Hawkins - Industrial Management

Mr. Glenn Pace - Management

Dr. Wayne Mitchell - Psychology