2006 SUCCESSability Award

Dr. Erwin J. Mantei is the 2006 SUCCESSability Award Winner

2006 Star Awards

"In Geology 110 Lecture Class, students are offered extra points if they participate in one or two field trips offered to the class. However, some wheel-chair bound students find it difficult or impossible to walk to the geologic sites visited by the field trip participants. So as to give these impaired students the same available extra credit, I organized the development of audio-visual VCR tapes and DVD's for these same 2 field trips. The impaired students can borrow these recorded field trips and observe and experience the same geologic phenomenon as students in the field and obtain extra credit.

In the GLG 110 laboratory, reading and interpreting maps in a 2-dimensional format are an important experience for the student. However, students who are visually impaired may not be able to experience this. For these students, I have prepared similar exercises using similar maps with a raised (3-D) format. Those students can now learn the material through the sense of feel. This has shown good results."

~~Dr. Mantei

"I had him for Geology 110 in the Spring semester of 2005. This class was extremely visual. Dr. Mantei went above and beyond the call of duty to educate me with this class. He did one on one work with teaching me different rocks and minerals. He would create tactile ways to illustrate what he was talking about in lab and/or lecture. Here is an example to depict what I am talking about. Dr. Mantei was discussing the different faults and how they move in our lecture class, using textbooks, he showed me the movement of the faults. He also worked with me on the maps, finding ones in the department that showed the contours of the earth's surface."

~~Geology 110 Student

2006 Nominees

Dr. Annette Gordon - Chemistry

Dr. Erwin Mantei - Geology

Professor Sylvia Carr - Mathematics