2010 SUCCESSability Award

Sandra Hart is the 2010 SUCCESSability Award Recipient

2010 SUCCESSability Award Recipient

"...Whether it is calling to have someone on campus remove snow so a student in a wheelchair can get on campus, or helping a student find a job off campus, or a tutor, that is what I do to help out. I get to see the stress disappear and the smiles return and sometimes I get a warm hug and a “thank you so much”… which is really the best part of my job."

~Sandra Hart

"Sandi is very understanding of student needs, and does everything within her power to help students achieve academic success."


2010 Nominees

Sylvia Carr - Mathematics

Dr. Pedro Koo - Modern and Classical Languages

Dr. Mary Harges - Modern and Classical Languages

Dr. Mark Rushefsky - Political Science

Dr. Patrick Scott - Political Science