Missouri State University

SUCCESSability Award Nomination Form

Please use the following form to nominate a faculty or staff member for the MSU SUCCESSability Award. Paper nomination forms are also available in the Disability Resource Center.

All nominations are due by Friday, March 7th.

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Points to consider when nominating:

  • Is the faculty/staff member welcoming to all students?
  • Is the faculty/staff member approachable?
  • Does the faculty/staff member meet students’ needs in a timely manner?
  • Does the faculty/staff member use universal design principles in teaching/working (e.g., flexibility, provides choices in types of assignments/projects, various methods to assess learning, provides feedback and corrective opportunities often)?
  • Do they have high expectations for all students?
  • Could you tell that they had thought about how course or program design might create barriers to those with disabilities?
  • When discussing diversity, did they share information regarding disability history and culture?