International Experiences

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Exploring dietetics in another country

As a student in the dietetics internship program, you will have the opportunity to travel to another country to improve upon your skills and learn about the dietetic needs of individuals in other areas around the world. International experiences are voluntary and this experience is contingent upon you having met certain conditions throughout the internship, please see program handbook. Having met these conditions, you will have the opportunity to earn up to 260 practice hours that can be counted towards your certificate program. 

Currently the certificate program offers experiences in England, Australia, El Salvador and China. Experiences can range in length anywhere from one to 13 weeks. As part of an international experience you will enroll in BMS 602 and will develop a course plan with the help of your certificate advisor that will include:

  • Name of country/countries and agency with which you will work
  • Contact person who will verify appropriate placement is available
  • Schedule of international activities and their relationship to dietetics
  • Goals of the placement and assessment plan

Your course plan must be approved by the program director and the study away office.

El Salvador

Our El Salvador experience is held each spring break. The one week El Salvador option costs a flat fee determined each year, generally around $1,500 - $1,800, that covers all in-country expenses. This experience is provided in cooperation with the dietetics program and Convoy of Hope, which assists with nutrition and health programs in El Salvador. You will visit rural elementary schools, and other components of the country's feeding program, and assist nutritionists in obtaining anthropometric measurements of the students. You may also provide care in nursing homes, AIDS orphanages and help with other health-related programs.

There is a potential to expand this international experience for up to five weeks. While Spanish language skills are not required for the one-week rotation, they are suggested for a longer placement. Also, depending on Convoy of Hope’s operations, you may be able to have an experience similar to the El Salvador trip in another country. Please refer to the program handbook for list of requirements needed to work with Convoy of Hope in another country.

Australia, England and China

You will have the opportunity to participate in the CAPA International Education program offered through the University Study Away Office in Sydney, Australia or London, England. CAPA International Education offers two summer sessions for four weeks each which total 80 hours, or the opportunity for a full 13 week program which totals 260 hours. Either of these opportunities can be discussed with your certificate advisor. The University maintains a partnership with sister university in Dalian, China, where you will assist with health care programs in China.

International experience fees and liabilities

There will be additional responsibilities for international experiences including expenses, immunizations, transportation and insurance. Please refer to the program handbook for a listing of travel responsibilities.