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International Business Programs allows business students to earn credit toward their degree by partnering with host universities in other countries that specialize in business education.

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Missouri State Foundation
Missouri State Foundation
The Missouri State University Foundation was founded in 1981 in order to fulfill the University's mission as a comprehensive university in the center of a unique metropolitan region.
Women in STEM fields
Women in STEM fields
The College Database recently ranked MSU 39th nationally among schools in America for the education of women in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math. Collectively, these are referred to as STEM fields.
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BearWear Fridays

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  • Take a bow, Bears!

    Take a bow, Bears!

    Theatre students sport their BearWear at the 2014 Los Angeles Acting Showcase held at The Matrix Theatre in Los Angeles.

  • Birthday Bears

    Birthday Bears

    Homecoming King Nii Abrahams and Queen Ally Liefer celebrate in their maroon and white during Missouri State's 109th birthday party.

  • Bears giving back

    Bears giving back

  • Trail-ready BearWear

    Trail-ready BearWear

  • Brother Bear

    Brother Bear

  • All in the family

    All in the family

    Like father, like daughters - Hannah, Timothy and Abigail Lee go maroon together after a Missouri State basketball game.

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