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Argos Upgrade 5.2

Argos will be upgraded to version 5.2 on Thursday, 13th April, at 5:15 PM CST. The entire upgrade process will complete at around 7:45 PM CST. We want to make sure that there are no users in the Argos system during this period. Please email if you need to use Argos during this time and we will do our best to accommodate you. Please note that this upgrade will NOT impact Banner and you may use Banner as usual.

 We would also like to remind you that once the upgrade is finished, Argos will have a new look and feel. Argos 5.2 Crash Course highlights the differences between the current and the latest version of Argos and should take no more than 15 minutes to go through.

 If you do not have access to the link, please email

University Overview

Data sources for comprehensive overview information regarding the university and academic departments including; University Fact Book, Academic Insights Management Dashboard and the Common Data Set.

Course Enrollment Reports

Summary enrollment reports by course characteristics and attributes including section enrollment minimum reports.

Student Enrollment Reports

Summary headcount enrollment and credit hour production reports by student characteristics; includes registration and admissions reports.

Faculty/Advisor Reports

Reports available to faculty and advisors including; unofficial transcripts, transfer course equivalencies, lists of advisees by particular characteristics, and Digital Measures exclusion reports by college.

Academic Departmental Lists

Reports available to academic departments including; students by major or minor, graduation candidates and courses offered by academic department.

End of (or Mid) Semester Grade Reports

Mid and end of semester grading reports including; dean’s list, list of students by academic standing, grade distributions by course and instructor, and grade rosters.

Instructional Productivity

Summary reports available for Delaware Study of Instructional Costs Productivity Quartiles. Faculty/Staff login required.

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About this site

This website represents a collaborative effort between the offices of Institutional Research, Enrollment Services, the Registrar, and Management Information Systems to disseminate official information to Missouri State staff and faculty in support of university decision-making and analysis.  Our purpose is to provide a comprehensive list of available information across an array of data channels including published reports and reports that have been created using the University’s Enterprise Reporting Solution (Argos).  Our goal is to provide consistent, accurate data for use in decision-making and the advancement of institutional effectiveness.