Community Service Credit

Tracking Your Service Hours

All recipients of the Governors, Presidential, or Multicultural Leadership Scholarship need to report their hours using our online tracking form.  This is completed through CampusLINK

You can use the link below to access the service report form.  To get to the form you will need to sign into your My Missouri State Portal then click “Profile” and scroll down to the Student Engagement tab where you will see Campus Link.

Track your Hours

Instructions for Recording Your Hours Online

First you must record your hours using the online system. This is completed using CampucLINK.

Step 1: -> log in with your private ID and password
Step 2: Click the profile tab
Step 3: Click CampusLINK
Step 4: Under Organizations choose Volunteer Programs
Step 5: On the left side you will click the tab that says Forms
Step 6: Choose Individual Report Form and Complete

Be sure to read the directions carefully, it is your responsibility to make sure you are actually submitting your hours.  Do not use the "Service Report" feature in CampusLINK, we have no way of verifying any hours you complete using that feature.

You can submit the form for all the hours you completed with a single agency.  If you volunteered with 3 agencies, you would need to complete the form a seperate time for each agency.

Please note that the contact information provided should be accurate as this is how we verify your service hours