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Moore, OK Tornado Information

Missouri State University has been pivotal in responding to various natural disasters and to serve those in need, specifically through raising money for Haiti Earthquake relief, assisting those affected by the Tsunami in Japan, and providing money and service to the Joplin, MO community following the tornado that struck on May 22, 2011. Our hearts go out to those affected by the tornado that struck Moore, OK and we recognize the desire to reach out to those affected to provide assistance.

There are two ways the university community often responds to natural disasters:

Relief: Focused on immediate needs, donations and support are provided through strong humanitarian organizations such as Convoy of Hope or the American Red Cross.

Rebuilding: The continual redevelopment of communities occurs over months or years. Missouri State University students, faculty, and staff have engaged in the rebuilding of other communities in the past and we will be actively exploring opportunities in the coming months to assist with Moore, OK.

To ensure that our actions don’t have unintended consequences, we should be cautious before sending in volunteers that could potentially create a greater burden causing more harm than true aid.  Further, we should also be cautious on providing donations.  Convoy of Hope has indicated that monetary donations are preferred and only water or canned protein is needed for donations. In the coming weeks, the Center for Leadership and Volunteerism will be compiling organizations to work with to assist the Moore, OK tornado victims, identifying places to donate money and resources, and collect information on any ongoing recovery efforts that are taking place with local community or campus groups.

Please visit our website (Http://www.missouristate.edu/CLV) to stay up to date on relief efforts. We ask that if you have identified agencies or avenues to assist the victims that you share that with the Center for Leadership and Volunteerism by e-mailing volunteer@missouristate.edu or calling 417.836.7615.


Latest Information/Ways to Help

Volunteer with Ongoing Relief Efforts

It is very important to work with community-based organizations on the ground when providing relief efforts.  If you or a group wishes to go to Moore, OK you can do to by visiting Http://servemoore.com/serve/

The Center for Leadership & Volunteerism is looking to the potential of taking a trip.  Due to complicated logistiscs this may or may not be possible.  If you have interest in participating in a trip or helping coordinate a trip, please e-mail volunteer@missouristate.edu

Donations for Moore, OK

We encourage people to donate money before providing goods/services. Monitary donations are able to be used better by organizations that are involved in Moore and can be "streched further."

  • Convoy of Hope:

Convoy of Hope has indicated that monetary donations are preferred, and any other donations should be limited to water or canned protein.  However, Convoy has stated that they can purchase more with money than what individuals can donate.

Stay up to date on Relief Efforts: