Missouri State University

Health & Wellness Weekend April 13, 2013

Interested in promoting wellness through exercise and healthy eating to the residents of Springfield? The Bear Service Team has organized five service projects on April 13 with the following Springfield Community Agencies:

  • Friends of the Garden
  • DIRT Projects
  • Watershed Center
  • Millsap Farms
  • Springfield Community Gardens

Volunteers will spent a few hours from 10am-2pm preparing gardens, planting, and maintaining a trail. You can participate as an individual or as part of a group.

Questions can be directed to volunteer@missouristate.edu

We generally carpool to the service site locations.  If you are able to drive your vehicle, please indicate that below on the form.  Not being able to drive will not prevent you from participating.  If you are willing to drive yourself but no other students you may write 1 for the number of passengers.

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