The Kitchen

The Kitchen has been providing housing, food, and medical services since 1983. As grants and community support became available, The Kitchen purchased and remodeled numerous properties on Commercial Street and in Springfield, Missouri. The Kitchen has been able to provide case management, counseling, child care, and job counseling for all willing participants coming to the Missouri Hotel for shelter. Additional services are provided through collaboration with other agencies in the community.


To create a place where persons, especially the poor, are welcomed and cared for with dignity and compassion


The Kitchen will be widely recognized as a progressive innovator for meeting needs and addressing root cause of poverty and homelessness. Services of the Kitchen include: housing, food, counseling, healthcare, education, youth services, clothing, advocacy, life skills and homelessness prevention.

The Kitchen will be a channel for community participation in the provision of services, while enhancing social awareness.

Core Values

The services developed and decisions made at The Kitchen are driven by the social teachings of the Catholic Church, the spirit of St. Francis, the inspiration of our founder Sister Lorraine Biebel, the Little Portion Franciscan Sisters and the following core values:

  • Respect
  • Dignity
  • Quality
  • Service
  • Compassion


The Kitchen, Inc. is a local organization whose purpose is those in the Springfield community. All contributions are utilized for the betterment of our immediate service area. We serve a very diverse population and needs with the many programs sponsored by The Kitchen.