Ordering Announcements, Cap and Gown

Ordering graduation announcements

Spread the word of your graduation through customized announcements. Announcements include your degree, major, and time of ceremony. If you do not know your college, degree, or the title of your major, find the information under the Academic Tab, Student Records Channel, General Student Information link in My Missouri State.

Order online through the University vendor, Herff Jones.

Ordering caps, gowns, tassels, and hoods

All graduates are required to wear authorized caps, gowns, tassels, and graduate hoods. All undergraduates must wear a maroon cap and gown and a maroon and white tassel.

Commencement regalia can be purchased at the Bookstore or ordered online at Missouri State Bookstore.  Regalia may also be purchased on commencement day one hour prior to the ceremony at the south end of Hammons Student Center.


Scholastic honors

Undergraduate students eligible for University Scholastic Honors recognition may pick up their honors cordon at the south end of Hammons Student Center on commencement day. Scholastic honors are automatically calculated, so you do not need to do anything in advance.

Summa Cum Laude - gold

Magna Cum Laude - silver

Cum Laude - bronze


Veterans recognition

Missouri State University graduation candidates who have served in the military or who are scheduled to receive ROTC commissioning will be recognized with a red, white and blue cordon. Eligible graduation candidates will be contacted by Veteran Student Services, and the cordon may be picked up at the Veteran Student Services office prior to commencement.