Occupational Therapy Graduate Programs

Occupational therapy programs are highly competitive and have limited seats available in each entering class. Students wishing to pursue degrees in this area should have strong undergraduate GPAs, a solid background in the physical and nature sciences, and have several hours of practical and/or shadowing experience. Students can begin their preparation for these programs while in high school by completing four units of English; three units of mathematics, including geometry and algebra I and II; two units of foreign language; two units of natural science; two units of social sciences and one unit of speech.

There are limited occupational therapy programs available in the state of Missouri. Missouri State University does not currently offer a program in occupational therapy, but has proposed plans to begin offering the Master of Occupational Therapy in the summer of 2015.  Students can find a complete listing of all available occupational therapy programs on the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) website.