Missouri State University


Create and foster an environment that encourages and supports research (with a special emphasis on multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary) for the discovery, application and dissemination of new knowledge.


Objective A:  Pursue multidisciplinary activities/programs

      Strategy: Explore future of CMHERS

      Status: Future of CMHERS discussed but not resolved


      Status: Annual Multidisciplinary Forum held

      Strategy: Successful Multidisciplinary Forum


      Strategy: Develop proposals for Provost’s Futures Initiatives

      Status: CHHS faculty participated in 4 funded Provost projects


      Strategy: Explore multidisciplinary courses

      Status: Ideas for multidisciplinary elective courses discussed –Ethical leadership in community engagement


Objective B:  Strengthen CHHS Research Agenda

      Strategy: Increase number of faculty registered for SMARTS and SPIN.

      Status: In progress    


      Strategy: Track research efforts of the College

      Status: Explore software for reporting and tracking research


      Strategy: Implement CHHS Research Plan

      Status:  CHHS Research Plan implementation underway