Goal 6: Create and foster an environment that encourages and supports scholarship of discovery, and application and dissemination of new knowledge
  •  Objective 6.1: Facilitate faculty pursuit of extramural grants and address important questions (research grants) and needs (service grants)
    • Tactic 1: Work with the Office of Sponsored Research and Programs to develop strategies for building grantsmanship in CHHS
    • Tactic 2: Increase the number of faculty registered for Community of Science funding alerts
    • Tactic 3: Establish incentives for grant writing
  • Objective 6.2: Support high-impact research
    • Tactic 1: Continue to provide consultation and training through Rstats
    • Tactic 2: Encourage interdisciplinary connections within CHHS to facilitate research tuned to the mission of the College
    • Tactic 3: Encourage and reinforce student involvement in research
    • Tactic 4: Work with units and the provost to share costs of needed high-priority research equipment
    • Tactic 5: Track research productivity and work with units to publicize success