Missouri State University


Nurture an inclusive educational environment that teaches respect for diverse capabilities, backgrounds, thoughts and values among students, faculty and staff.      


Objective A. Departments will explore funding opportunities to increase diversity of faculty and students.

      Strategy: Explore funding source to support a scholarship or assistantship for a student from an ethnic minority or diverse backgrounds

      Status: Minority students are receiving scholarships and assistantships


Objective B. Expand Opportunities for Interactions with Diverse Populations

      Strategy: Include Director of Multicultural Services in College-sponsored Graduate Recruitment Initiative

      Status: Graduate Recruitment Initiative funded but not implemented


      Strategy: Promote faculty/student interactions with diverse populations    

      Status: CSD – services at Monett; Kinesiology – ARC of Ozarks, Head Start; DI; NUR; SWK homeless study; Study tours  NUR; DI  

      Status: Faculty and students participate in workshops emphasizing diverse populations