Goal 5: Nurture--among students, faculty, and staff--an inclusive educational environment enriched by respect for diverse capabilities, backgrounds, thoughts and values     
  • Objective 5.1: Build cultural competence among faculty, staff, and students
    • Tactic 1: Encourage participation in campus events and community activities through which faculty, staff, and students are likely to encounter difference, enhance knowledge, and hone skill
    • Tactic 2: Work with the FCTL to develop training experiences that facilitate course development, assignment creation, and classroom elements that promote perspective-taking skills, civility, and constructive connections
    • Tactic 3: Work with the Director of Study Away Programs to develop new study abroad learning opportunities for CHHS students
    • Tactic 4: Work with the Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion to assess CHHS efforts and develop effective, new strategies
  • Objective 5.2: Create a CHHS community (students, faculty, and staff) that well reflects the diversity of the world in which CHHS graduates work, lead, and achieve
    • Tactic 1: Work with multiple campus offices to develop strategies for recruiting highly qualified and diverse faculty, staff, and students
    • Tactic 2: Seek funds for scholarships that attract highly qualified, diverse students
    • Tactic 3: Assess and optimize retention of diverse students, faculty, and staff
    • Tactic 4: Explore funding source to support a scholarship or assistantship for a student from an ethnic minority or diverse background