Goal 4: Develop relationships with internal and external constituencies to support academic programs and to fulfill our public affairs mission.
  •  Objective 4.1: Establish robust community connections at the College and unit levels
    • Tactic 1: Develop or maintain Academic Advisory Boards that meet at least annually to provide professional and academic expertise and advocacy in support of units and programs
    • Tactic 2: Maintain the CHHS Dean's Advisory Board to gain input and to inform external audiences about the quality and impact of CHHS programs
  • Objective 4.2: Develop new and maintain existing experiential learning sites in the community at both the undergraduate and graduate levels
    • Tactic 1: Tailor clinical placement sites to community needs, student learning objectives, and program plans
    • Tactic 2: Explore a variety of experiential learning sites that afford students opportunities for applied learning and community engagement
    • Tactic 3: Establish appropriate training, monitoring, and incentives for on-site and clinical supervisors/preceptors/educators
  • Objective 4.3: Identify, promote, and track opportunities for student engagement in Public Affairs
    • Tactic 1: Communicate relevance of public affairs mission to student learning and development, and encourage faculty to cultivate opportunities for students to participate in fulfillment of the mission
    • Tactic 2: Document and monitor student involvement in public affairs (community engagement, cultural competence, and ethical leadership)