Missouri State University


Develop, assess and maintain quality educational programs consistent with the CHHS mission and University themes.

Objective A:  CHHS Departments will explore and prioritize programs for development in strategic areas.

      Strategy: Explore development of new programs

      Status:  DPT approved; child forensic certificate approved


Objective B:  Evaluate and refine programs through internal review process for continuous quality improvement.

      Strategy: Participate in program review utilizing CHHS schedule

      Status:  CSD completed round 1; PSY, PAS and REC in round 2;


      Strategy: Implementation of program review recommendations

      Status:  In progress


Objective C:  Facilitate accreditation process for appropriate CHHS academic programs.

      Strategy: Obtain initial accreditation and/or maintain accreditation for appropriate programs

      Status:  All eligible programs are maintaining accreditation.


Objective D:  Evaluate and obtain/retain fiscal, physical, and human resources to ensure effective program operation.

      Strategy: Inventory existing space and utilization

      Status: Document space, equipment and personnel requirements


      Strategy: Explore space, on- and off-campus, to meet needs

      Status:  Potential space explored


      Strategy: Evaluate Operations Budget against benchmark institutions

      Status: Not yet accomplished


      Strategy: Evaluate the adequacy of Department’s Operations Budget

      Status: Operations budgets evaluated


Objective E:  Develop new and maintain existing clinical placement sites, as appropriate for program needs, and continue to support and provide incentives to off-site clinical supervisors

      Strategy: Explore incentives and rewards of clinical supervisors/preceptors/educators

      Status: Incentives provided for support of clinical supervisors (CE)


      Strategy: Identify number of clinical placement sites

      Status:   Over 900


Objective F: Identify and promote opportunities for student engagement in public affairs

      Strategy: Document and monitor student involvement in public affairs (Community Engagement, Cultural Competency, Ethical  Leadership)

      Status: In progress