Missouri State University


Recruit, retain and support quality students who will become engaged citizens committed to using their education to fulfill the CHHS mission.

Objective A:  Market College programs through multiple venues.

      Strategy: Create/development effective marketing and recruitment materials

      Status: CHHS brochure revised


      Strategy: Improve coordination with International Student and Development Offices

      Status: Work in progress


Objective B:  Ensure high quality student advising.

      Strategy: Encourage faculty to complete basic and master advisors workshops

      Status: 42 faculty certified as Master Advisors (4 more attending in August); 36 inactive


      Strategy: Monitor advisement quality and satisfaction through a survey.

      Status: Planned for FY08


      Strategy: Increase staff attendance at basic advising workshop

      Status: 7 staff certified as Master Advisors; 4 inactive


      Strategy: Provide reasonable faculty and staff advisor/advisee ratios

      Status:  Work in progress; BMS faculty have advisement loads of 50-98


Objective C:  Participate in initiatives for student success.

      Strategy: Create an inventory of resources that facilitate student success.

      Status:   In progress


      Strategy: Departments with gateway courses will evaluate and implement strategies to promote student success.

      StatusStudent success proposals submitted; PSY proposal funded


Objective D:  Offer a variety of course access modalities to meet student needs.

      Strategy: Investigate and document plan for offering evening, summer, intersession, and distance education opportunities including hybrid.

      Status: CHHS offered evening, intersession and online courses

      Status: Increased number of online courses; progress in offering complete program online


Objective E: Strengthen collaborative relationships with other educational institutions.

      Strategy: Increase number of articulation agreements

      Status: Approximately 900 articulation agreements


      Strategy: Explore potential models for collaborative accelerated graduate study.

      Status:  In progress


      Strategy: Increase number of transfer students where appropriate.

      Status: Number of transfer students admitted for Fall 2008


      Strategy: Increase number of graduate students as per program capacity.

      Status:  Number of graduate students admitted for Fall 2008


Objective F:  Increase number of, and publicity for, scholarships and assistantships for CHHS students.

      Strategy: List currently-available funding for students

      Status: Accessible lists of currently available funding for students online


      Strategy: Number of new scholarships developed

      Status: Two scholarships under development.