Missouri State University


Recruit, develop, and retain faculty and staff who support quality instruction, research and service in accordance with the public affairs mission and University goals.

 Objective A:  Create a college-wide environment that attracts and retains quality faculty and staff.

      Strategy: Increase CHHS faculty salaries to CUPA mean

      Status:  FY08 salaries 22% ≥ 100% CUPA (43% ≥ 95% CUPA and 84% ≥ 85% CUPA)


      Strategy:  Provide adequate research space for faculty.


      ¨      PSY lost 521 sq ft in Siceluff due to remodeling but gained approximately 1800 sq ft in PCOB;

      ¨      Installation of 3 lab hoods in PROF—approved but not completed;

      ¨      PROF BLDG animal room upgrade- consultant secured;

      ¨      Conversion of PROF lab prep to research lab 339 sq ft- approved but not completed


      Strategy: Offer summer research support for new faculty.

      Status:  Five faculty received first year summer research stipends; 5 additional CHHS summer stipends


      Strategy: Departments environment promotes faculty productivity.

      Status:  Departments provided flexible workload assignments, collaborative community opportunities and mentoring.


      Strategy: Encourage increased number of search members and staff to complete search training

      Status:      CHHS search briefing held July12, 2007.


      Strategy: Utilize effective marketing and recruitment strategies

      Status:  For national searches: 80% of offers accepted; 91% of searches successful  


      Strategy: Offer new faculty and staff competitive salaries and benefits

      Status: Offers made at CUPA mean or higher.


      Strategy: Assist with positions for accompanying spouse/partner

      Status:  Contacts made to assist two accompanying spouses/partners but did not result in job offers.


Objective B:  Promote initiatives to recruit diverse faculty.

      Strategy: Utilize the Provost’s Initiative

      Status:  No CHHS faculty recruited utilizing Provost’s Initiative; however, two minority/international faculty members were hired through regular search process.


Objective C:  Departments will promote active faculty involvement in professional development to facilitate research, teaching, and service.

      Strategy: Support participation in state, national, and international conferences

      Status: $750 per faculty member provided by CHHS for state/national travel plus additional for international travel; x of faculty participating or %.


Objective D:  Encourage and develop strategies for Masters/entry level faculty, in areas of need, to pursue doctoral studies with a commitment to remain at Missouri State.

      Strategy: Provide support for faculty in targeted, highly competitive fields to pursue doctoral studies

      Status:  Five faculty (2 NUR; 2PT; 1 SWK) pursuing doctorates receive travel support and scheduling consideration.