Multidisciplinary Forum 2011


2011 CHHS Multidisciplinary Forum

Ethics in healthcare: From bench to bedside

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Time: TBD

PSU Atrium and Theater

The 2011 CHHS Multidisciplinary Forum will be held on November 1, 2011 in the PSU Atrium and Theater. 

This year's title is Ethics in healthcare: From bench to bedside


Mission Statement (2011): To provide an open and civil forum to heighten interdisciplinary awareness and communication for health-related professionals, students, and the community in the context of topics of current interest and importance. 


Keynote Address:  TBD

Panel Discussion: TBD


Committee Members:

David Claborn, MPH - Chair           Lisa Bell, CSD                         

Sue Robinson, DPT                         Alana Kozlowski, CSD                     

Malikah Marrus, SSW                      Tim Shryack, JVCHC            

Cliff Franklin, CSD                            Rob Delong, BMS        

Lindsay Bellm, MPH, GA                  Rose Utley, NUR