Missouri State University

School Counselor and Psychological Examiner Certification

Missouri State University offers several options for those who are interested in pursuing Student Services Certification in either School Counseling or School Psychological Examiner.  Certification in these areas requires the attainment of a masters degree, and several routes are available depending on your situation.

 School Counseling (K-8 and 7-12) Certification

There are three different routes to earning certification as a School Counselor.  Please choose the route that best describes your situation:

MSED in School Counseling

This option is for those who have completed a bachelor's degree (regardless of the major) but have not yet earned a master's degree and wish to become a school counselor.  Both certified teachers and non-certified individuals can choose this route.  Since school counseling certification requires the attainment of a master's degree in counseling or related field, those who do not currently hold a master's degree must choose this route. 

Coursework Required for Certification:

For more information on this route to certification, please visit the Counseling Program website.

Counseling Certification for Students with a Related Master's Degree

This option is for those who have already earned a master's degree and now wish to pursue counseling certification.  In order to pursue this option, you must have a master's degree in a "related field" and be within 12 credit hours of having completed all requirements for the School Counselor certificate.  Acceptable master's degrees would include: 

  • Master of Science in Counseling - Community Agency Counseling
  • Master of Science in Clinical Psychology

This option is also appropriate for those who have earned School Counseling certification from another institution (not Missouri State) but want to add additional grade levels. 

Coursework Required for Certification:

Students who believe they may qualify for this option should begin by contacting Dr. Tammy Arthaud , Department Head of Counseling, Leadership and Special Education to request an unofficial analysis.  This request via email should include the following information:

  • Copies of unofficial transcripts for every institution you have attended, both graduate and undergraduate. 
  • Course descriptions for courses you believe may count toward a course in our School Counseling program
  • A written request to have your transcripts analyzed for certification in either School Counseling (K-8 or 7-12).  Please be very specific regarding your request for information.
  • Contact information:  Phone, email, etc. 

Information can also be faxed to Dr. Arthaud at 417-836-5997 or mailed to:

Dr. Tammy Arthaud
Counseling, Leadership and Special Education Department
901 S. National Ave.
Springfield, MO  65897

Dr. Arthaud with then review your transcripts and course descriptions and determine which courses can count toward certification as a School Counselor.  If you are within 12 credit hours of completing all the graduate-level coursework required (not including the 12 hours of "education" courses needed) you will be referred to the Teacher Certification Office to open a certification file and will be able to immediately start taking classes as a post-master's, non-degree seeking student.  If you have more than 12 hours of deficiencies, you will be required to complete the application process for the MS in School Counseling program.

Please note:  Students pursuing coursework as post-masters, non-degree seeking are not eligible for Financial Aid.  If you require student loans to help pay for your coursework, you will need to apply to the MS in Counseling program. 

Current Counselors adding Additional Counseling Certifications

This option is for those who currently hold a School Counseling certification that they earned at Missouri State, but now want to add additional grade levels. Students pursuing this option will be re-admitted to Missouri State as a post-master's, non-degree seeking student.  This student status allows students to complete the additional coursework required for certification without having to enroll in a graduate program.  However, because students are non-degree seeking, student loans are typically not available. 

Application Process:
Missouri State graduates pursuing additional certifications using this route must complete the following "quick admit" process prior to beginning classes to add certification:

  • Complete the ADDED Counseling Certification Application Packet.  Your application will be considered complete when we have received all paperwork in this packet and the Transcript Analysis fee of $15.00.  Because you earned your initial School Counseling certification through Missouri State, no additional transcripts are needed.  

Once we receive your application packet, we will complete an analysis of your transcripts to verify the coursework you need to add additional certificates.  Typically, students can add additional grade levels by completing 1-3 additional courses.  Students pursuing this option will be eligible for a Provisional Certificate while they are completing their coursework.