Certification Costs and Fees

Students pursuing teacher certification through Missouri State University should be prepared to incur a variety of fees and expenses associated with their program.  Not all fees apply to all students, and you should contact the Teacher Certification Office for a list of fees that apply to your program.

Process or Fee Required Cost
Transcript Analysis Fee $50.00 for the first Analysis
$15.00 for each Additional Analysis
Graduate College Application $35.00
Liability Insurance $13.00 - $20.00
FBI Background Check $ 44.80
Praxis II Exam $80 - $150.00 see Praxis website
Family Care Registry $11.00
TB Skin Test $19.00 (at Taylor Health Center)
Student Teaching Fee $135.00 per block ($270 total)
Out of Area Student teaching Fee $400.00

Name Badge (required for Practicum
and Student Teaching)

$5.00 for Name Badge
$3.50 for Lanyard (optional)

For information on the cost of tuition and related student fees at Missouri State University, please visit the cost and fees website.