Academic Program Guides

Below are links to the academic program guide for each area of certification offered at Missouri State University to Post-Baccalaureate students.  THESE GUIDES DO NOT APPLY TO UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS.  If you do not have a bachelor's degree, you should contact the Education Advisement Center for information regarding your major. 

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Early Childhood
Early Childhood Education (Birth - Grade 3)

Elementary Education
Elementary Education (1-6)
Elementary Education (1-6) West Plains

Special Education
Cross-Categorical Special Education (K-12)
Blindness and Low Vision (Birth - Grade 12)

Middle School Education
Middle School Education (5-9)
Middle School Content Areas

Secondary Education (9-12) Choose a content area:
Art (K-12)
Biology - Categorical
Biology - Unified Science
Chemistry - Categorical and Unified Science
Earth Science - Categorical
Earth Science - Unified Science
Family and Consumer Sciences (Birth-Grade 12)
French (K-12)
German (K-12)
Latin (K-12)
Music - Instrumental (K-12)
Music - Vocal/Choral (K-12)
Physical Education (K-12)
Physics - Categorical
Social Science
Spanish (K-12)
Speech & Theatre

Added Certificate Programs
These certificates can only be added to
an initial certificate in another area.

 TESOL (K-12)  (ESOL) (Teaching
 English to Speakers of Other Languages)
 Health (9-12)
 Driver's Education
 Middle School:
Advanced  Programs
These programs are offered at the Masters
level, and can only be offered to students
who possess a valid teaching certification
another area:

 Library Media Specialist
 Elementary Math Specialist
 Principal (K-8)
 Principal (5-9)
 Principal (9-12)
 Superintendent (K-12)
 Special Reading (K-12)

Counseling Certification
These programs are run through the
Counseling, Leadership and Special
Education Department, but certification
is processed through the Teacher
Certification Office

School Counselor (K-8)
School Counseling K-8 with Related Masters
School Counselor (7-12)
School Counseling 7-12 with Related Masters
School Psychological Examiner (K-12)
Counseling - Added Certifications

Special Education Alternative Certification Track (SEACT)
This program offers certification in Cross-Categorical Special Education (K-12) AND a Master's Degree in an accelerated master's program. 
 SEACT Program

Master of Arts in Teaching
The following Secondary Education Programs offer certification AND a master's degree through the MAT program.  To view the required course sequence please select which campus you will be attending.
MAT Springfield
        MAT Joplin
        MAT - West Plains

Then review the APG below for the content area you are pursuing.  Your General Education coursework will be waived, and the professional coursework will be replaced by the MAT core.  Your content area coursework will remain the same.

 Biology - Categorical
 Biology - Unified Science
 Chemistry - Categorical
 Chemistry - Unified Science
 Earth Science - Categorical
 Earth Science - Unified
 Family and Cons. Science
 French (K-12)
 German (K-12)
 Latin (K-12)
 Music - Instrumental (K-12)
 Music - Vocal/Choral (K-12)
 Physics - Categorical
 Social Studies
 Spanish (K-12)
 Speech & Theatre