Adding Additional Teaching Certificates

How do I add additional certificates to teach?

There are several ways to add an additional teaching area to your certificate, and it depends on your situation.  Here are your options:

Students Currently Pursuing a Certification Program:You can pursue more than one area of certification at a time through coursework at Missouri State.  Simply contact the Teacher Certification Office at 417-836-8772 and ask us to complete an analysis for the additional area you wish to pursue.  We will develop a list of courses you are required to take to complete that additional area.  Remember that different areas in Secondary Education may share the same general education and professional education courses, but will have entirely different content area coursework.  On the other hand, the professional education courses for Elementary and Secondary Education are very different.

When it comes time for the Praxis II, you will only need to take the test in one of the two areas you are completing AS LONG AS YOU COMPLETE BOTH AREAS AT THE SAME TIME.  If Missouri State can't recommend you for both areas on the same form, you will be required to take the Praxis II in the second area. It doesn't matter which of the two Praxis II exams you take.

Adding Certification through Praxis II Exam:
Once you are certified to teach in any area, you can add certificates through passing the Praxis II exam in an additional area.  Click here for a list of the certifications that can be added through Praxis II exam.  (note:  Students adding middle school to a related area of Secondary Education will take the Principles of Learning and Teaching Praxis - #0623 (paper-based) or #5623 (computer-based), not the middle school content area Praxis II.  See note on the DESE website listed above.)


These added certificates through Praxis II exam may NOT be transferable to other states since you did not earn them through coursework.  If you plan to move to another state to teach and want to transfer all of your added certificates, you should contact that state for additional information.

When you take a Praxis II exam for an additional area of certification, that score is automatically sent to DESE.  However, they will NOT act on a passing score unless you formally request that they add an additional area.  To request an additional area of certification once you have passed the Praxis II exam in that area, please go to our  Applying for your Certificate website and click on the link for "added teaching certificate".

To register for the Praxis II exam, or to find a test at a glance or study guide for the test you would like to take, go to this website:

Currently Certified Teachers adding Certification Through Coursework:
If you are currently teaching and get offered a job teaching in a different area, you will need to have a certificate in that area.  If you can't earn it through passing the Praxis II (it would be very difficult to pass the Math Praxis II exam without a strong math background) or if you plan to move to another state, you will want to earn the additional certificate through coursework.  To do so you need to contact DESE and ask them to perform a DESE analysis for the area you wish to add.  For instructions on completing this request, visit our applying for your certificate website and click on "Added Teaching Certificate":

WARNING:  THIS ANALYSIS COULD TAKE UP TO 10 WEEKS TO COMPLETE! Once completed, DESE will mail you the analysis.  This document will list the competencies you are missing for certification in that area, not specific courses.  You then need to bring the DESE analysis to the Teacher Certification office so we can identify the courses at Missouri State that will fulfill the missing competencies.

Early Childhood, School Counselor and Psychological Examiner programs:  If you are adding any of these certificates,  Missouri State is required to do your analysis, not DESE.  Simply contact our office and we will get started on your analysis.

If you are within 6 courses and/or a maximum of 18 hours, DESE will also send you paperwork for a provisional certificate in that area.  This would allow you to begin teaching in that area before actually finishing the coursework, and would give you two years to complete the remaining requirements.