MEGA Assessments for Education Programs

MEGA (Missouri Educator Gateway Assessments) are required by DESE ( Department of Elementary and Secondary Education) for all students pursuing certification as a teacher, counselor, administrator or Library Media Specialist.  

The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has developed an FAQ document for students and parents.  You can download this document by clicking the link below.

FAQ for Students and Parents

Students who meet certain criteria are eligible for a partial fee waiver when registering for the MEGA Assessments.  For more information, visit the MEGA Fee Waiver website.

MEP PhotoMissouri Educator Profile (MEP)

This online career assessment is taken by all teacher, counselor and administrator candidates prior to admission to their program.

Cost:  $22.00
Available:  Starting Fall 2013

SBPA PhotoMissouri General Education Assessment (MoGEA)

This test replaces the former C-Base exam and is required for all BSED and BME teacher education candidates.  MoGEA must be passed prior to admission to Teacher Education.

Cost:  Varies - see website
Available:  Beginning Fall 2013

MoGEA PhotoMissouri Content Assessments (MoCA)

All students seeking teacher, student services or administrative certifications must earn a passing score on the appropriate content assessment.  This test replaces the current Praxis II exam.

Cost:  $77.00 - $189.00, Varies by area
Available:  Beginning Fall 2014

Content Assessments PhotoMissouri Performance Assessment

The Missouri Performance Assessment is the culminating experience is required for all Teacher, Counselor, Principal or School Librarian candidates and will be completed during the student teaching/Internship semester.

Cost:  $275.00
Available:  Required beginning Fall 2015

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