Community College Agreements

This information is provided as a guide. Students are required to fulfill MSU graduation requirements to receive a degree and should consult their MSU advisor and the MSU undergraduate catalog for details, including the policy under which a transfer student who remains continuously enrolled may follow MSU graduation requirements in effect when the student first enrolled at their transfer institution.  If state certification requirements change during continuous enrollment, education majors (MSU native students and transfer students) are required to follow the new changes/guidelines.


                                 Community College Agreements                                
Ozarks Technical Community College St Louis Community College
Metropolitan Community College of KC St Charles Community College


PEU Codes:  Education coursework from community colleges will be transferred to Missouri State and given the appropriate PEU code.  For more information about PEU codes and how they are used at Missouri State, please visit our PEU Code website. 
If interested, view the Admission to Teacher Education Requirements.
For additional information, please contact:
Judy Pickering
Professional Education Advisement
College of Education
Missouri State University
Hill Hall 202