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Community College Agreements

In response to the Associate of Arts in Teaching (AAT) degree developed by Community Colleges in Missouri beginning Fall 2007, and approved by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), Missouri State University is currently in the process of reviewing all articulation agreements with community colleges that offer this program. 

In order to ensure that education courses and "related" courses transfer to Missouri State University and can be applied to the appropriate education program, a series of "PEU" codes has been developed. Courses assigned these codes are considered to have "fulfilled the spirit of the requirement for certification" in our approved education programs, and will substitute for an education course or related course at Missouri State University. These courses may not apply toward other degree programs at Missouri State University. View a description of the process for evaluating courses and a list of PEU CODES.


The Associate of Arts Degree in Teaching (A.A.T.) is a directed path of study preparing students for transfer and upper division work at four-year institutions offering teacher education programs and certification for levels PK-12. This degree requires students to satisfy the A.A. general education transfer block, 12 hours of teacher education professional coursework and at least 9 hours of elective credit. 
Students must pass all sections of the Missouri State Board of Education entry examinations for admission to Teacher Education.  As per DESE directives, GPA requirements listed below are effective fall 2013:
2.75 combined GPA for admission to Teacher Education 
2.75 combined GPA and 3.00 content (major) GPA for assignment to supervised teaching
2.75 combined GPA, 3.00 content (major) GPA and 3.00 GPA in professional education courses required for graduation and certification recommendation. 
(Individual programs will determine at what point in the program content GPA applies)
For additional information, please contact:
Judy Pickering
Professional Education Advisement
College of Education
Missouri State University
Hill Hall 202