Substitute Certificates

Steps to Complete for a Substitute Certificate

1. Application from DESE profile
2. Completion of FBI fingerprinting background check
3. Submission of original transcripts to DESE showing completion of a minimum of sixty (60) college semester hours.

Before you can apply for a substitute certificate, you should have created your DESE Online Profile. Once that step is complete, you will need to follow the process below to apply for a substitute certificate:

Please begin by visiting the Missouri Department of Education.

    • Click "Educator Certification" in the center of the page.
    • From this page, click on "Educator Certification System" in the center of the page. You can also click on "Web Application" on the lower right. Both will take you to the login screen.
    • Enter your DESE User Name and Password and click "login"
    • Under the Heading "DESE Web Applications", click on "Educator Certification System".
  1. New Applications (Click the “black triangle”to the left of #3):
    • Click “Substitute Cert.” (Do NOT click on "Initial Professional".)
    • Print the substitute application checklist that pops up in a new window, then hit "close".
    • On the application, fill out the Professional Conduct information. If no pop-up window appears, look for a message (top or bottom of screen) to allow pop-ups.
    • Type of Application: Always select "Content Substitute". This is the option for all substitute teaching certificates.
    • Read the Sworn Statement
    • Release of Educational Information: Check “I Accept”.
    • Click “Submit to DESE
    • Click “OK
    • You have finished your application and may now log out of the system.
  2. You will now need to follow the steps on the application checklist (pop-up window).
      • DESE will not process a substitute certificate until you have submitted original transcripts in sealed envelopes from all institutions you have attended and have been able to verify at least 60 completed credit hours.
      • There are two ways to obtain your official transcript. You can either go to the Registrar's office in Carrington Hall, room 320 and request an official transcript in a sealed envelope. The other option is to log into My Missouri State, go to your "academics" tab, and then click "request transcript". There is a $5.00 charge for your transcript. If you go to the Registrar's office in person, they will accept cash or check. Requesting a transcript online requires a credit card.
      • Transcripts need to be mailed to DESE at the following address:
        Educator Certification
        PO Box 480
        Jefferson City, MO 65102-0480
  3. You will also need to have an FBI Background check for DESE, completed within the last 12 months per the instructions provided.

This is the ONLY application you will need to complete in order to obtain a substitute certificate. Do not fill out any other applications at this time, as they will be returned to you.