Fearless Negotiation

Please join the CDR mailing list to be notified the next time this training is offered. The ability to negotiate is not a luxury – it’s a necessity! Negotiating will help you:

  • Get more at work!
  • Get more at home!
  • Get more out of your relationships!

Did You Know?

  • Men and women differ dramatically when it comes to negotiation:

    • Women are 2.5 times more likely to experience apprehension when negotiating.
    • Fewer than 26% of women feel comfortable negotiating, compared to 40% of men.
    • Women are less likely to recognize the value of their work, and women are on average paid 20-30% less than their male colleagues.
    • Many women fear negotiating will damage their relationships.
    • Many women believe they lack the skills to negotiate.

About This Workshop

Through exercises and small group interaction this workshop will address the following topics :

  • The value of negotiation for women.
  • Understanding your negotiation style.
  • Planning for a negotiation.
  • Strategies for preventing and overcoming impasse.
  • Maintaining and strengthening relationships while negotiating.

This workshop, sponsored by the Center for Dispute Resolution at Missouri State University, features guest speaker C.J. Larkin, JD, MA. C.J. is a Senior Lecturer in Law and the Administrative Director of the Negotiation and Dispute Resolution Program at Washington University School of Law.  She has taught negotiation skills and strategies to hundreds of professionals and has worked around the world promoting and training in mediation and negotiation.