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Volunteer training will be held February 8-9, 2014 (9 a.m. -  4 p.m. Saturday & Sunday) in Springfield, MO. Register below!

Make a lasting difference for children and families in our community by volunteering as a Family Group Conference (FGC) Facilitator. This FREE training will prepare you to facilitate family group conferences for children with a parent in recovery. These family group conferences are offered by the Center for Dispute Resolution as part of Alternative Opportunities Inc.’s  Regional Partnership Grant program, which provides treatment, education, support, and other services for families in recovery.

Family group conferences bring a family together with their relatives, friends, and other supportive people in their lives to develop a plan to support the parent in recovery and ensure the safety and well-being of the children involved.

This is not counseling or mediation; instead families are empowered to create their own plans to address problems and support the parents and children taking part in the program. Facilitators (working in pairs) are responsible for preparing family members for the family group conference and guiding the family meeting in a transparent, honest, and respectful way. Family group conferencing helps develop and strengthen a family’s support network, significantly benefiting children and their family groups, while putting the family at the center of decision-making as they create plans that fit their unique circumstances.

As an FGC Facilitator you will have the opportunity to apply your education and skills to assist families and make a difference in their lives. You will also gain invaluable experience working directly with families and develop your interpersonal skills as you facilitate FGCs.

FREE Training to Facilitate Family Group Conferences

Individuals with an interest in helping children and families are encouraged to sign up for the CDR's 2-day training Family Group Conference Training, which will cover the history, philosophy, and theory of FGC, family dynamics, the FGC model, and FGC facilitation skills and practice. Completion of a background check is required for all program volunteers. The training is FREE for those who make a 1-year commitment to volunteer with the program (approximately one case/month). Individuals who wish to attend but cannot make this volunteer commitment should contact the CDR at 417-836-8831.

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