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Commitment to Inclusiveness

A commitment to inclusiveness is a personal decision that comes from a belief that every person has worth as an individual.  It also represents a community challenge.  We believe that diversity is a wellspring of strength, which is important to the future of Springfield, Missouri.  We also recognize that ignorance, insensitivity, and bigotry can turn that diversity into a source of prejudice, discrimination, and injustice.

To make Springfield, Missouri a better place for all, we pledge to respect people whose race, culture, gender, orientation, abilities, beliefs, economic circumstances, or other characteristics are different from our own.

Because Springfield, Missouri is particularly challenged by racial and ethnic divisions, we are committed to a diligent focus on breaking down the barriers of racism.  For all our differences, we share one world.  To be inclusive is to welcome the differences and delight in the sharing.


1.         At all times, all administrators, staff, and partners of our corporate community will demonstrate fair and equal treatment of one another 

2.         Behaviors that promote or advance an employee’s right to a high-quality work experience are expected to be the norm.

3.         Language and behaviors that demonstrate respect to others will be expected at all times.

4.         Working within established mandates, our corporate community will develop and adopt training and development curricula that reflect diverse perspectives and value diversity.

5.         Our corporate community is dedicated to closing any and all achievement gaps that may exist.

6.         Our corporate community will proactively work to remove barriers employees may encounter while pursuing equal treatment, promotion  and/or their full potential 

7.         Our corporate community is committed to the equitable distribution of resources for the benefit of all employees 

8.         Our corporate community has adopted and will adhere to a procedure that ensures complaints concerning equitable treatment are processed in a timely and responsible manner.

9.         Our corporate community will adopt hiring and other personnel policies and procedures that promote the development of a diverse  workforce at all levels.

10.       Our corporate community will incorporate diversity training into its orientation program for all new administrators, staff, and partners. 

11.        Our corporate community will also incorporate diversity training within the ongoing programming for administrators, staff, and partners. 

12.        Our corporate community will commit to developing and using a diverse vendor/contractor list.


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Service-Learning Agreement

1.       I understand that students will be made available to the CP by CASL for specific service-learning assignments. CASL does not represent that students assigned are qualified by training or temperament for a specific service-learning assignment. Students are engaged in a learning experience and serve as uncompensated volunteers to the CP. Students may be removed from work on a particular assignment at the request of the CP. The CP agrees that no student will be denied service-learning opportunities or subjected to different treatment under this agreement on the grounds of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, age, disability, or veteran status.

2.       I understand that students may not displace paid workers or duplicate work which causes individuals to become unemployed,  will not work with political organizations or elected officials on partisan efforts, will not engage in any religious activities to promote a particular religous viewpoint, will not work to monetarily benefit for-profit organizations, and will not work for or against unions, or be utilized to provide replacement services during a work stoppage.

3.       I understand that the CP will be responsible for any necessary training and direct supervision of service-learning activities performed for the CP. The CP will also be responsible for the safety of students while on the CP's premises.

4.       I understand that termination of this agreement can be initiated by the CP or by CASL by giving 30 days notice of termination by either party in writing.



The Center for Leadership & Volunteerism (www.missouristate.edu/clv) also works with community partners through various one time and ongoing co-curricular opportunities.  This includes involvement from our 300+ student organizations, fraternities & sororities, and our co-curricular programs. If you have opportunities for these students, please complete the following:
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