Missouri State University
Citizenship and Service-Learning

Integrated Service-Learning Students


A stand-alone ISL course has all of the aspects of experiential education, reflection, and assessment integrated into the substance of the course.  The community service experiences of the students are not just a side bar, but are an integral part of the course.

By integrating 15 hours per student of Service-Learning into the course, the professor develops lectures and discussion topics that give students additional insight and understanding of the course content based on their experiences.   ISL is conceptualized as a pedagogical model that connects meaningful community service experiences with academic course learning.

When service-learning is integrated into an academic course, the course credit is assigned for both the customary academic learning as well as for a minimum of 15 hours of work with a governmental of not-for-profit organization.  The student's grade is for the quality of learning as identified through reflection mechanisms determined by the course instructor.

  • This course requires 15 hours of service-learning at a community partner from each student in the course.  No additional credit is applicable.