Missouri State University
Citizenship and Service-Learning

Component Service-Learning Student


The Citizenship and Service-Learning (CASL) program enables a student to earn an additional credit in selected courses in exchange for the learning acquired by completing 40 hours of service that is relevant to course content and benefits an external government of non-profit agency.  Each department that offers service-learning provides a 300 or 500 level, one credit service-learning component course whose hours are arranged.  A student who want the service-learning option will simultaneously register for the SL designated course and the SL component course.

The service-learning credit is awarded for the demonstration of learning that results from the service rather than the service itself.  A reflection component is key to the critical thinking that a student will engage in during the hands-on experience with the community partner.

  • This is a 1-credit course.  It is in addition to the core course to which it is attached – A lab of sorts. 
  • For example:  If you are enrolled in ANT-280 for 3 credits, you may also enroll in ANT-309 for 1 credit (this is the 40 hour service-learning attachment).  The service-learning component is optional.