Citizenship and Service-Learning


An important element of our support is service-learning, a teaching strategy that enhances student learning by integrating applied and classroom work. At Missouri State, relevant community based service that benefits an external government or service organization. There are two types of service-learning experiences available to faculty and students:

  • Service-Learning can be an integral part of your classroom through an Integrated Service-Learning (ISL) course. (See the ISL criteria). All students in an Integrated Service-Learning class participate in experiential learning project at a Community Partner site as one of their assignments for the course. Students are required to serve a minimum of 15 hours at locations that meet the goals and objectives of the course.
  • Through the Component Service-Learning (SL) option, students may register for a Service-Learning component class and earn one hour of additional credit. (See the Component criteria). Students participate in 40 hours of service outside of class time at a Community Partner site. The Community Partner becomes an extension of the classroom where a real world laboratory is provided for the student to obtain experiences that can incorporate projects and papers for career portfolios.

*Download a printable brochure of "A Faculty Guide for Incorporating Service-Learning in the Classroom"

The criteria checklist below compares traditional and community engaged scholarship. You may find this helpful when preparing your dossier for review, promotion and tenure.


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