Robberson Community Project

The Robberson Community School serves as a community hub for numerous activities and programs designed to provide support for not only the children who attend, but for the Robberson community as a whole. Programs include parent education classes, on-site medical clinics, tutoring, health care, mental/behavioral health services, etc. Parents play an active role in determining the most pressing needs. School officials work with area businesses, nonprofits, and the faith-based community to help meet these needs.

As a community partner, Missouri State’s CASL office conducted a workshop/luncheon to help train Robberson faculty about service-learning and assist them in integrating this teaching into K-5 curriculum. Additionally, service-learning students from multiple academic areas partner with Robberson, addressing one of CASL’s long-term goals of providing greater impact and value to agencies by pooling service-learning resources from various academic departments.