College of Business Admission Requirements

(Not Applicable to Technology and Construction Mgt. Majors or Fashion and Interior Design Majors)

Admission to the University is separate from admission to the College of Business. However, all students who plan to apply for admission to the College of Business should declare a major in one of the seven academic departments of the College upon admission to the University and seek enrollment advice through the Business Advisement Center, Glass 106.

Students in good standing at Missouri State are eligible to be considered for admission to a specific degree program in the College of Business upon the completion of at least 54 credit hours including at least ten of the following preparation courses. As many as two of the twelve courses may be completed during the semester of admission, but students should make every effort to complete all of them prior to admission.

ACC 201 and 211 Accounting 6
CIS 200 Critical & Creative Thinking Using Information Tech. 3
COM 115 Public Speaking 3
ECO 155 and 165 Principles of Economics 6
ENG 110 Writing I 3
MGT 286 Business Communications 3
MTH 135 or Higher
(excluding MTH 145)
College Algebra 3
PSY 121 Psychology 3
QBA 237 Business Statistics 3
LAW 231 Legal Environment of Business 3

GEP 101 would need to be included in addition to the courses noted above.

Admission to the College of Business is limited to a total of 2,000 majors at the combined junior and senior levels. Admission decisions will be determined by applicants' combined (Missouri State plus transfer) grade point average. However, all applicants whose combined grade point average is 2.50 or higher will be admitted to the College of Business. Factors in addition to grade point average may be considered in unusual cases, but exceptions to the prevailing minimum grade point average will be limited to five percent of the 2,000 majors at the combined junior and senior levels.

Special Procedural Information

Students are expected to gain admission to the College by that semester in which they have earned a total of 60 semester hours of college credit (including transfer credit). Students who do not gain admission as expected are subject to being dropped as business majors and will not be permitted to register for the following semester without special permission. Students should contact the College of Business Advisement Center regarding the granting of special permission to register.

Business majors cannot be enrolled in upper-division business courses until their degree program has been finalized. Business majors who have enrolled in upper-division business courses without having met all admission requirements may be dropped from those courses.