Budget Process Health and Human Services Collegiate Budget Committee

Planning for the FY14 budget

The purpose of the collegiate budget committee is to develop recommendations born of collaborative assessments of the goals of the departments as part of a college, as part of a larger university — working together to promote student learning and the public interest. These recommendations should be based on the level of funding assigned to Missouri State University. The deans are responsible for leading that process in a manner that serves the students, faculty and staff of the college as well as the larger organization and student body. As part of its work, the committee may choose to analyze and make recommendations regarding faculty staffing to achieve the mission and goals.


Helen Reid
Chair, Health and Human Services Budget Committee
Dean, College of Health and Human Services

  • Ian Alaimo
    IT Support Staff
  • Roberto Canales
    Associate Professor, Department of Physician Assistant Studies
  • John Downing
    Associate Professor, Department of Health, PE and Recreation
  • Elizabeth Federman
    Assistant Professor, MPH
  • Kathryn Hope
    Department Head, Department of Nursing
  • Jill Oswalt
    Clinic Director, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders
  • Hillary Roberts
    Senior Instructor, Department of Biomedical Science
  • Lisa Street
    Clinical Instructor, School of Social Work
  • Scott Wallentine
    Associate Professor, Department of Physical Therapy
  • Gary Ward
    Assistant Professor, Department of Sports Medicine and Athletic Training
  • Patricia Webb
    Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Nursing
  • Brooke Whisenhunt
    Associate Professor, Department of Psychology
  • Colette Witkowski
    Department Head, Department of Biomedical Science

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