Missouri State University

November 29, 2012




November 29, 2012

1.                  Roll Call:

Present -    Ms. Elizabeth Bradbury, Governor (by conference call)

                  Mr. Gordon Elliott, Chair of the Board

Mr. Orvin Kimbrough, Governor (by conference call)

Ms. Cathy Smith, Vice Chair of the Board (by conference call)


Present -    Clif Smart, President

                  Steve Foucart, Interim Chief Financial Officer

Frank Einhellig, Interim Provost

Penni Groves, Interim General Counsel

Matt Morris, Associate Vice President for Administrative & Information


Earle Doman, Vice President for Student Affairs

Paul Kincaid, Chief of Staff

Jeff Morrissey, Chief Information Officer

                  Doug Sampson, University Architect and Director of Campus Planning

John McAlear, Secretary of the Board

 2.                  Presiding — Mr. Gordon Elliott, Chair of the Board of Governors, called the Executive Committee conference-call meeting to order at 3:30 p.m. in Room 203 of Carrington Hall on the campus of Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri.

 3.                  President – President Clif Smart first presented the following resolutions for the Committee’s consideration:

Approving the employment of Frank Einhellig as Provost of Missouri State University and Chancellor of the Mountain Grove Campus, effective January 1, 2013, for a term of eighteen months at a starting salary of $210,000 (Item II.A.)

Approving the employment of Penni Groves as General Counsel, effective January 1, 2013, at a starting salary of $128,000 (Item II.B.)

President Smart commented that University policy allows the president to hire an employee without a formal search if he consults with the Director of Human Resources and the Equal Opportunity Officer and they agree with the hire.  He has met with both individuals and they concur with both hires.  He remarked that he can’t think of two more capable individuals for these two positions than Dr. Einhellig and Ms. Groves.  He added that a nationwide search for Dr. Einhellig’s replacement will begin in the Fall of 2013.  Mr. Elliott commented that the Board has had the opportunity to see the excellent performance of each of these individuals in their respective positions as interim appointments.

Mr. Elliott first asked for a motion to approve the hiring of Dr. Frank Einhellig as Provost (Item II.A.).  Mr. Kimbrough so moved, receiving the second of Ms. Bradbury.

Motion passed 3-0.

Mr. Elliott then asked for a motion to approve the hiring of Ms. Penni Groves as General Counsel (Item II.B.).  Moved and seconded, respectively, by Ms. Bradbury and Mr. Kimbrough.

Motion passed 3-0.

 4.                  Facilities and Equipment – Mr. Matt Morris, Associate Vice President for Administrative & Information Services, presented the following resolutions for the Committee’s consideration: 

The expansion of the wireless network in the residence halls (Item III.A.); JMA Information Technology, for an amount of $238,575.83; total project budget established at $320,000.

Increase the project budget for the elevator cylinder replacement at Hammons Student Center (Item III.B.); this $10,000 increase brings the total project budget to a new total of $62,000.

Professional services in conjunction with the extension of the chilled water loop to Juanita K. Hammons Hall for the Performing Arts (Item III.C.); Ross & Baruzzini, Inc., for a fixed fee of $46,800 plus reimbursable expenses.  Additional services of up to $10,000 as described in this agreement may be authorized and approved as necessary.

To further clarify the awarding process of the three projects presented, Mr. Morris explained that: 1) for Item III.A., pursuant to State Statute, the University is allowed to participate in contract agreements by other public entities, so we are utilizing the Education and Institutional (E & I) Cooperative Contract with JMA Information Technology to obtain Juniper equipment and services for the expansion of our wireless network; 2) for Item III.B., bids had previously been received for the elevator cylinder replacement project and a contract awarded to Thyssen Krupp Elevator, but due to unforeseen circumstances, the budget for this project needed to be increased by $10,000; and 3) for Item III.C., based on their knowledge of the existing chilled water loop and experience on similar projects, Ross & Baruzzini, Inc, was selected for the chilled water loop project, in accordance with the State’s Qualifications-Based Selection process.

Moved by Ms. Bradbury.  Seconded by Ms. Smith.

Motion passed 3-0.

 5.                  Financial --- Mr. Steve Foucart, Interim Chief Financial Officer, presented a resolution (Item IV.A.) for Office of Procurement Services activities from October 26, 2012, through November 29, 2012.  Moved and seconded, respectively, by Ms. Smith and Ms. Bradbury.         

Motion passed 3-0.

 6.                  New Business --- Ms. Penni Groves, Interim General Counsel, next presented a resolution (Item V.A.) approving a Governing Policy for the Board of Governors’ Awards for Excellence in Public Affairs.  It was explained that this policy approves the concept of three separate awards for students (Citizen Scholars), faculty (Board of Governors’ Award for Faculty Excellence in Public Affairs), and staff (Board of Governors’ Award for Staff Excellence in Public Affairs).  Separate guidelines have been written for each of the awards and the administration can refine these guidelines in the future without needing Board approval.  Moved by Ms. Bradbury and seconded by Ms. Smith.

Motion passed 3-0.

 7.                  Adjournment — Mr. Elliott adjourned the conference-call meeting at 4:00 p.m. upon the motion of Mr. Kimbrough, the second of Ms. Bradbury, and the unanimous vote of the committee.

John W. McAlear

Secretary of the Board