Missouri State University

August 21, 2013




August 21, 2013


1.                  Roll Call:

Present -    Mr. Peter Hofherr, Governor (joined by conference call at 4:07 p.m.)

Mr. Steve Hoven, Governor (by conference call)

Mr. Orvin Kimbrough, Chair of the Board (by conference call)

Ms. Beverly Miller, Vice Chair of the Board (by conference call)



Present -    Ken McClure, Vice President for Administrative & Information Services

                  Steve Foucart, Chief Financial Officer

Jim Baker, Vice President for Research & Economic Development and International Programs

Frank Einhellig, Provost

Dee Sisco, Vice President for Student Affairs

Penni Groves, General Counsel

Paige Jenkins, Student Governor

Kyle Moats, Director of Athletics

Paul Kincaid, Chief of Staff

Matt Morris, Associate Vice President for Administrative & Information Services

Doug Sampson, University Architect and Director of Planning, Design, and Construction

Jeff Morrissey, Chief Information Officer

Randy Blackwood, Executive Director, Athletics & Entertainment Facilities

Marilyn Dennis, Acting Secretary of the Board

 2.                  Presiding – Mr. Orvin Kimbrough, Chair of the Board of Governors, called the Executive Committee conference-call meeting to order at 4:01 p.m. in Room 203 of Carrington Hall on the campus of Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri.

 3.                  Approval of Minutes – Mr. Kimbrough mentioned that the first item of business was the approval of the minutes for the open meeting of July 17, 2013.  Ms. Miller so moved, receiving the second of Mr. Hoven.

Motion passed 3-0 (Kimbrough, Hoven, Miller).

 4.                  Procurement and Financial – Mr. Steve Foucart, Chief Financial Officer, then presented a resolution summarizing Procurement Services Office activities from July 13, 2013, through August 16, 2013 (Item III.A.). The items included in this report are:

1)      Approval is requested to extend the ATM services revenue contract with Commerce Bank for $28,222.22 for up to eight months from October 1, 2013, through May 31, 2014.

2)      Approval is requested to extend the campus bank services revenue contract with Commerce Bank for $46,000 for up to eight months from October 1, 2013, through May 31, 2014.

Commerce operates a branch bank in the Plaster Student Union under contracts that will expire on September 30, 2013.  We intend to issue an RFP in approximately one month for a combined branch bank and ATM services contract.  We plan to award the contract in January in order for the vendor to work with our Planning, Design and Construction team for any possible renovations to the space in the Plaster Student Union.

3)      Approval is requested to increase our contract with Graybar for additional communications wiring material by $35,000.  Due to the various construction projects on campus, it is anticipated we will need additional wiring material for buildings.  While the actual construction projects are approved by the Board, we do require Board approval for vendors whose purchases exceed $100,000 and in this case, since the increase is greater than 10% of the prior Board approval.

4)      Approval is requested to renew the Ozarks Public Television Tower Lease for the first five-year renewal period covered under the contract with Spectrasite Communications, Incorporated for the Joplin KOZJ tower.  The estimated cost is $41,337.36.

5)      The Office of Sponsored Research and Programs has received an additional $71,968 from the National Science Foundation for continuation of research.  The objective of this research is to significantly advance Artificial Intelligence by developing the first ever, brain-like Super-Turing system.  Funds will be primarily used for salaries, benefits and indirect cost reimbursement.

6)      Approval is requested to utilize the Microsoft Campus Agreement through a cooperative contract in the amount of $137,757.96 which covers the use of the Desktop Packages and IT Academy for faculty and staff on our campuses.

7)      Approval is requested to enter into a contract with Concept Tours for a May 2014 concert chorale performance tour of England and Scotland in the estimated amount of $200,075.  The Music Department has used this tour group, which specializes in international group performance tours, since 1994 for eleven tours. Students will have fund-raising opportunities to help subsidize the cost of the tour.

Mr. Hofherr so moved, receiving a second from Ms. Miller.

Motion passed 3-0 (Hofherr, Hoven, Miller).

 5.                  Facilities and Equipment --- Mr. Ken McClure, Vice President for Administrative & Information Services, next presented the following resolutions for the Committee’s consideration.  The first three items were presented and voted on individually.

Approval of Amendments to the Memorandum of Agreement between Missouri State University and Teamsters Local Union No. 245 (Item IV.A.)  The current agreement expired on June 30, 2013.  The term of the new agreement is now two years, expiring June 30, 2015.  Changes to the agreement include items pertaining to shift differential, sick leave, training and certification, and appropriate adjustments to the Table of Contents, Index, and Title of University’s signatory.

Ms. Miller moved to approve the resolution, with Mr. Hofherr seconding the motion.

Motion passed:  3-0 (Hofherr, Hoven, Miller).

Approval of an Intergovernmental Agreement for Law Enforcement Services with Missouri State University for Fiscal Year 2014 (Item IV.B.)  The agreement with the City of Springfield provides law enforcement services associated with the Springfield Police Department and the Missouri State University Springfield Police Substation and represents a 1.5% increase from Fiscal Year 2013.  The total cost of the $708,212 contract will be distributed between Missouri State University budget accounts E&G ($531,159) and Residence Life ($177,053).  The Intergovernmental Agreement will be effective from July 1, 2013, through June 30, 2014.

Moved by Mr. Hofherr and seconded by Ms. Miller and Mr. Hoven simultaneously.

Motion passed:  3-0 (Hofherr, Hoven, Miller).

Approval of Revision to G2.02 Possession of Firearms Policy (Item IV.C.)  This resolution updates our firearms policy to be in compliance with Missouri House Bill 533.  Employees of the state are authorized, as per RSMO 571.030, paragraph 6, effective August 28, 2013, to have a firearm in the employee’s vehicle on property owned or leased by the state if the vehicle is locked and the firearm is not visible, for the duration of time that the employee is conducting activities within the scope of his or her employment.

Mr. Hoven moved, with a second by Ms. Miller, to approve the resolution.

Motion passed:  3-0 (Hofherr, Hoven, Miller).

The next three items were presented and voted on as a group:

Approval of Bids and Award of a Contract for the Stage Lift Replacement at Craig Hall (Item IV.D.)  The resolution requests that the low bid of $292,800 from Carson-Mitchell, Inc. be accepted, approved, and awarded for the stage lift replacement at Craig Hall.  The project includes removing the existing hydraulic stage lift, which was original to the building, and replacing it with a new electric motor-driven stage lift system.  The total budget for this project is $375,000.  To reach the total cost for the project, the base bid must be taken which includes the infrastructure needed for the new lift plus one of the two alternates.  Each alternate specified a specific brand of lift that met the needs for this project.  Only one alternate is to be considered.  The University was interested in accepting the lowest bid possible for this work.

Approval of Consultant and Authority to Enter into an Agreement for Professional Services in Conjunction with the Planned Athletic and Recreation Field Improvements (No. IV.E.)  The University is interested in improving fields around campus to provide better athletic and recreation venues for the students.  These improvements include the replacement of the east bleachers at Plaster Sports Complex, a new track and soccer complex located in the open field north of Glass Hall, a combination field hockey/lacrosse field, and two sand volleyball courts.  The University issued a request for qualifications for the design and construction administration of these improvements; the selection committee selected Hastings + Chivetta as the consultant of choice for a fee of $1,252,140 plus reimbursable expenses with the possibility of additional services of up to $80,000.  These amounts would be paid from the Athletic and Recreation Field Improvements budget funded by the President’s Program Enhancement fund. Mr. McClure indicated that Hastings + Chivetta places a strong emphasis on collegiate athletics’ work.

Approval of Consultant and Authority to Enter into an Agreement for Professional Services in Conjunction with the Partial Renovation of Pummill Hall (No. IV.F.)  Missouri State University intends to partially renovate the upper two floors of Pummill Hall to relocate the Department of Hospitality and Restaurant Administration from the Professional Building.  In addition to the renovation of the upper two floors of Pummill Hall, a new elevator will be installed to meet current building codes and provide the service needed within the building.  The exterior curtain wall, which was installed in the 1950s, will be replaced with a more efficient weather-tight window system.  A request for qualifications was issued and four of the eighteen firms responding were invited to campus to further present qualifications to the consultant selection committee.  A fee of $395,000 plus reimbursable expenses was negotiated with Dake | Wells Architecture, the firm chosen by the committee. 

Mr. Hoven moved to approve Items IV.D., IV.E., and IV.F., with a second by Ms. Miller.

Motion passed 3-0 (Hofherr, Hoven, Miller).

 6.                  Adjournment — Mr. Kimbrough adjourned the conference-call meeting at 4:27 p.m. upon the motion of Mr. Hoven, the second of Ms. Miller, and the unanimous vote of the committee.

 Marilyn M. Dennis

 Acting Secretary of the Board