Special Topic Discussion: Higher Learning Commission (HLC) Accreditation

February 2014 Board of Governors Discussion Agenda

  1. Introduction/Overview

    Clif Smart, president

  2. Overview of Accreditation

    Dr. Frank Einhellig, provost

    • Value of accreditations
    • Required versus optional accreditations
    • Scope and cost of accreditations
    • Process and how it has changed over time
    • Overview of HLC accreditation
  3. Update on HLC Accreditation for the Springfield Campus

    Dr. Tammy Jahnke, dean, College of Natural and Applied Sciences and chair, HLC Steering Committee

    • Timeline
    • Progress to date
    • Tasks yet to complete
    • Issues being reviewed/addressed
  4. HLC Accreditation for the West Plains Campus

    Dr. Drew Bennett, chancellor
    Dennis Lancaster, interim dean of academic affairs

    • Update on process
    • Significant findings of self-study
    • Update on timeline
    • Update on site visit
    • Board involvement requested
    • Plans for future
  5. Summary

    Clif Smart, president

  6. Board Discussion

    Led by Beverly Miller, chair

    Decision points for the Board’s discussion:

    • Do you concur with the University’s philosophy regarding accreditations, especially those that are optional?
    • What questions, if any, do you have about the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities listed in the West Plains summary?
    • Are you comfortable with the status of the two HLC accreditation processes? Do you have questions or suggestions about either?
    • Do you have any specific questions you would suggest either campus pose to the HLC on-site team? Are you available to participate in the two on-site visits? Are you interested in being involved in the on-site visits other than the Board-specific times?

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