Master of Science: Fall Entry

Sample schedule

The sample schedule provided below is for the student who will be entering the MSNA program in the fall. This is only a sample schedule and should not replace regular meetings with your advisor.

Be sure to check out the course rotation before scheduling your classes.

First semester (fall)

BMS 620 Medical Cell Biology3
PAS 781 Advanced Pharmacotherapeutics3
BMS 665 Human Cardiopulmonary Physiology3
MTH 645 Applied Statistics OR BIO 6503
BMS 727 Human Gross Anatomy2
Total hours14

Second semester (spring)

ANE 702 Clinical Conference I1
ANE 714 Orientation to Clinical Anesthesia1
ANE 720 Basic Principles of Anesthesia3
ANE 726 Introduction to Clinical Anesthesia2
BMS 669 Neurobiology3
BMS 700 Introduction to Graduate Studies in the Biomedical Sciences3
BMS 661 Medical and Pathologic Physiology4
Total hours17

Third semester (summer)

ANE 735 Clinical Practicum (section 3)3
Total hours3

Fourth semester (fall)

ANE 705 Clinical Conference II1
ANE 732 Advanced Anesthesia Principles I6
ANE 735 Clinical Practicum (section 4)4
Total hours11

Fifth semester (spring)

ANE 708 Clinical Conference III1
ANE 750 Advanced Anesthesia Principles II4
ANE 735 Clinical Practicum (section 4)4
Total hours9

Sixth semester (summer)

ANE 744 Pharmacology in Anesthesia2
ANE 735 Clinical Practicum (section 1)1
Total hours3

Seventh semester (fall)

ANE 711 Clinical Conference IV1
ANE 735 Clinical Practicum (sec. 4)4
BMS 797 Non-Thesis Project2
BMS 798 Research1-6
Total hours9