Careers and Outcomes
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Certified nurse anesthetists work in hospitals, clinics and other facilities that offer surgical care. Completion of the program will prepare you well for your future career as a nurse anesthetist. Participation in the program will expose you to several areas of specialty inside and outside the operating room. By the time you graduate from the program you will have administered 1,000-1,200 anesthetics and completed 1,400 hours of study. The Missouri State School of Nurse Anesthesia graduates have repeatedly scored well on the national certifying exam and 98.6 percent have passed in either their first or second time of taking the exam.

Attrition and pass rates

Of the 216 students admitted to the Master of Science in Nurse Anesthesia program since 1996, 208 or 96 percent have graduated or are still in the program. Eight students have been released or did not complete the program due to health concerns, poor academic performance, or poor clinical performance. Our cumulative attrition rate since 1996 is less than 4 percent.

Of the 165 students who have taken the National Certifying Exam since 1996, 99 percent have passed the exam with the first or second testing.

Year (number of graduates)Council Mandatory Threshold2008 (14)2009 (14)2010 (12)2011 (14)2012 (12)2013 (12)
Certification Exam
Pass rate
72% / Preferred 81% 100% 100% 83% 86% 100% 100%
Certification Exam
Pass rate after
second try
      100% 93% 100% 100%
Attrition Rate
(number for year)
(total students)

0 0
Attrition Reason       pregnancy academic    
Job upon Graduation   100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%



For more information:
Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Educational Programs
222 South Prospect Avenue
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(847) 692-7050

Missouri State University is accredited to offer master's, specialists and clinical doctorate degrees by the Higher Learning Commission-North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.