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The Biomedical Sciences Department wants the best possible outcome for its students. It is recommended that students choose an advisor in the department who has experiences in what the student would like to explore as a future career path or educational endeavor. There is a wide range of expertise throughout the department. It is important to meet with your advisor early and often to help you stay on track for graduation.

Health professions advisement index

Students who are interested in furthering their educations or attending advanced pre-professional programs should refer to the list of pre-professional advisement options below for assistance in furthering their career and educational goals. Pre-professional advisement will help you when deciding which courses are most beneficial to you. Pre-professional advisors can also prepare you for admittance exams required to get into health-related programs.

Undergraduate Advisement

After you have chosen an advisor, notify an administrative assistant in the  Biomedical Sciences Department office, Professional Building, Room 400. Students who need assistance in finding an advisor should contact the biomedical sciences department. The department will assess your academic and pre-professional needs and assist you in selecting an advisor.


The individuals listed below can assist you in finding an advisor in the undergraduate program in which you are majoring.

Graduate advisement

Once you are accepted into your graduate program of study at Missouri State, it is recommended you contact an advisor in your department to discuss career and education goals. Your advisor can assist you in choosing courses appropriate for your interests. During the scheduling period each semester your advisor must release you before you can register. You must complete an Advisor Approved Program of Study form and return it to your advisor before you complete 15 hours.