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Why Study Health Services at Missouri State?

  • A Bachelor's of Science in Health Services will provide students with associates degrees in allied health fields an opportunity to expand their knowledge in order to pursue leadership and administrative roles in health care.

  • Upon graduating from the program you will be able to understand health care systems, legal issues, grant writing and medical terminology.

  • We provide clinical and non clinical tracks to meet your needs as a first-time undergraduate or a returning student.

  • A  capstone experience provides students a unique opportunity to apply their skills and knowledge to increase public health and wellness.


    Choose from two different options: Clinical Services Option or Health Services Option


    Degree Requirements

    General Education  (MSU credits or transfer credits)                                 43-48 credits


    Interprofessional Core

    IPE 375: Introduction to Interprofessional Health Care                            3 cr

    IPE 470: Foundations of Patient Safety for Health Professionals           3 cr

    IPE475: Evidence-Based Health Care Practices                                        3 cr.

    IPE 575: Collaborative Health Care Leadership                                         3 cr

    BMS 599: Health Literacy in the Human Services                                       3 cr.

    COM521: Communication, Mediation, and Negotiation                             3 cr.

    HCM 301: Health Care Organization or

    HCM 303: Health Care Legal Issues                                                              3 cr

    MGT 340: Organizational Behavior Management                                         3 cr

    NUR 515: Healthcare Informatics                                                                   3 cr

    SWK 595: Grant Writing in the Health and Human Services                     3 cr


    Clinical Services Option                                                              30-53 transfer credits OR

    Health Services Option                                                                              27 hours

    Approved electives                                                                                          0—25


    Total Credit Hours 125