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For tips and tricks on navigating online courses using text to speech software please visit the following links.  If you have additional questions do not hesitate to contact the Access Technology Center. 

More useful links to come!


Blackboard Log-in and Basics using JAWS

Blackboard Discussion Boards using JAWS

JAWS WIth Blackboard Demos


Kurzweil 3000

Kurzweil 3000 and Reading the Web

Using Firefox


If you are using Firefox for your internet browser, be sure to have an updated version.  Also be sure to go into Kurzweil 3000, click on the online tab and select updates.  If updates are available it will give a list of available ones, choose the highest version listed.

Next, click on the Tools tab in Kurzweil and select Options.  Once you are inside Options, look at the top left hand corner and choose Reading.  Then in the bottom right hand corner of the box look for it to say “Read the Web”.  There click on Mozilla Firefox and click OK. 

From now on to read the web with Kurzweil all you will have to do is click the web icon on the Kurzweil Tool bar and it will launch Firefox.  Both Kurzweil and Firefox will have to stay open to read the web.

Once Firefox is open a Kurzweil toolbar should appear at the top of the screen, allowing for access to reading navigation tools. Kurzweil will read everything on the page and will highlight it as you read it.  To skip past what it is currently reading you can use the read forward arrows, or just click on the area of web page you want to skip to.  You can either click directly on the webpage itself, or in Kurzweil there will be a window showing the text from the web page it is reading.  You could also click within that window, where you want Kurzweil to read.


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