Quality Initiative Project (QIP) FAQs

1.     What are the benefits of the QIP public affairs assessment to Missouri State University?

This public affairs assessment will provide valuable information to our university regarding students’ understanding and application of our public affairs and diversity goals. Customized reports of the data will allow the Faculty Senate, Committee for General Education and Intercollegiate Programs (CGEIP), Professional Education Unit (PEU), co-curricular divisions, and individual colleges/departments to identify strengths and areas for improvement.

2.     Why should I volunteer student work for the QIP public affairs assessment?

Your support of public affairs assessment is vital to the success of the University’s mission. Only with the support of instructors and co-curricular staff can MSU better understand students’ understanding and application of our public affairs goals and share our story with the Higher Learning Commission, local community, and other constituents.

3.     Will someone be grading the student work I submit?

Reviewers will not grade the student work, but they will use a scoring rubric to place the student work on a continuum from developing to advanced levels of public affairs understanding and application. The purpose of the QIP is to better understand how Missouri State University students meet the goals of the Public Affairs mission. This process does not evaluate students' understanding of specific course material.

4.     When is the deadline for submitting student work?

Submissions can be accepted until the week following commencement.

5.     Do I just submit one student's work or all of my students' work?

You will submit all of the student work you collect for the particular assignment or event you have identified for the QIP. When an assignment is due and students turn in their work, collect everything as you usually would. The Office of Assessment staff will then pick up the entire collection of student work, copy it, and return it within one business day.

6.     Should I submit student work that is graded or ungraded?

You can submit either graded or ungraded student work, but it is easier for the Office of Assessment staff to process ungraded student work. Ideally, you would bundle all student work submitted for an assignment before grading it, and then the Office of Assessment staff would pick up the work, copy it, and return it to you within one business day so you can promptly grade and return it to your students.

7.     Do I need to submit all of the student work submitted to me in an entire semester?

No, you can submit student work from just one assignment, or you can choose to submit work from more than one assignment. It is up to you to determine how many or few of your assignments align with the public affairs and diversity goals and how many you wish to include in the QIP public affairs assessment.

8.     Do I need to provide a copy of the assignment or syllabus to show the intended purpose?

No, but on the Intent to Participate form, you will be asked to provide a brief description of the assignment or event that prompted the student work.

9.     Can I only submit hard copies of student work?

No, if your students submit their work to you in digital format, you can still participate in the QIP.  The Office of Assessment staff can either go to your office and save your students' work to a flash drive, or you can forward the files to assessment@missouristate.edu.  If the student work has been submitted to Blackboard, you can provide the Office of Assessment with temporary instructor access to the course Blackboard site and indicate which assignment should be pulled for the QIP.  Again, just send an email to the address above to indicate what method of submission you prefer.

10.    Can I submit work from Fall 2012?

Yes, you may submit student work from Fall 2012 and/or Spring 2013.